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Swimmer Arm Marking

You must mark your swimmer to reflect which event, heat, lane, and relay they are racing. This is used to help remind the swimmer of their events and zoo volunteers. Use the Heat Sheet at each meet to find and highlight your child's events.

The Coaches can help you learn to do this at the first meet.

Mark the arm as illustrated below in the picture in the order of Event/Heat/Lane/Relay Leg. Write on clean dry skin with no sunscreen. 

Marking up your Swimmer

  • Meet events are standard for most in season meets. An event might be eliminated due to time constraints.
  • Find your child’s race information on the Event Reports/Heat Sheets.
  • Label your swimmers with a black sharpie with their race details.
  • On their forearm, mark their event information: (See further below for Stroke labels)

(E = event, H = heat, L = lane). For relays, add a slash followed by the position on the relay after the lane# (1, 2, 3 or 4)

Example of Arm Marking:

  • Write Clearly and Legibly on your child's LEFT arm as illustrated in the picture.


OPTIONAL: If you'd like to note the stroke do so after the lane designation. It can be difficult to fit legibly on smaller arms, though.

  • FR = Freestyle
  • BA = Back Stroke
  • BR = Breast Stroke
  • FLY = Butterfly
  • IM = Individual Medley
  • FRR = Free Relay (All swimmers swim freestyle)
  • For Medley Relay put the actual stroke (each swimmer swims a different stroke: 1st = back, 2nd=breast, 3rd=fly, 4th=free)

Relay Marking

This will designate the relay leg the child is swimming.

  • 1/1 = Lane 1, first relay leg
  • 4/2 = Lane 4, 2nd relay leg **If the Medley Relay this will be Breast Stroke
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