Updates about Lakewood Age 6 and Under

During the off season we worked to develop an alternative for 5/6 year olds on The Cruisers and Lasers. An idea that was pursued was a separate “Tadpole” team for the littles. Unfortunately due to insurance/liability etc.. the Tadpoles will not be happening.

In years past, 5 and 6 year olds had been allowed to join and swim for the Lakewood Lasers and Cruisers swim team due to low participation. We needed kids to fill up the roster. But recently Lakewood has exploded with young families moving in and the swim team began filling up fast. In the case of the Lasers, it fills up within hours. 

This has created several issues with keeping the swim team available to all Lakewood residents, while honoring those families that have swam on the team for years, as well as allowing more 7 and above kids to swim an adequate number of events at meets.

Therefore a number of changes have been made for the 2020 season.

  • No NEW grandchildren of Lakewood residents will be allowed to join Lasers or Cruisers. If you had a grandchild swim on the 2019 team, they will be grandfathered in, but their siblings or additional grandchildren will not be allowed.
  • In order for the 7 and up to have adequate meet entries, and to eliminate a huge overcrowding problem at practices, all 5 and 6 year olds will be able to join Lasers and Cruisers but in a limited capacity than in years past.
  • 5/6 year olds will have separate practice from 10-10:30 on M-W-F at the East Lake Pool.
  • 5/6 year olds will participate in all meets but will only be allowed to swim the 25 freestyle. (No 5/6 year old can participate in away meets at Bent Tree Bluffs. BTB has a 100 swimmer rule so in order for the other kids to swim we have to limit it to 7 and up for that away meet.)           

  • Please note that even with these changes, your 5/6 year old child must be able to swim the length of the pool unassisted. Meaning they cannot grab sides, lane lines, or touch the bottom. Also parents of 5/6 year olds must remain on the pool deck at all times during practice.

    We appreciate your understanding with all of the growing pains the swim teams are experiencing! Please know that these decisions were made after many many discussions, meetings with coaches, meetings with Lakewood and the swim team board. If you have any questions please email at [email protected] or [email protected]

    We are thrilled to see so many of our kiddos excited and participating in swim team! We want to do our best to assure our littles can be a part of the team while giving our older kids the greatest opportunities to swim at meets and alleviate overcrowding at practices!

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